The world would like to change you;
There are pressures all around.
You must decide just who you are,
Then firmly hold your ground.

You have an image of yourself,
An ideal sense of you;
And to this vision you must always
Struggle to be true.

You know what you are good at,
And you know where talents lie;
But if you're ruled by others,
Your uniqueness could pass by.

Remember there is much to learn;
But all new things aren't good.
Wisdom lies in what you've learned
And what you have withstood.

So, be yourself and don't allow
The world to take control.
Preserving your identity
Is Life's most precious goal.

- Bruce B. Wilmer
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Yay Mondays! x.X

With Brad's aunt's wedding reception Saturday night, and then Brittany's birthday party Sunday, this weekend has left me as one exhausted MB. Z.z

Work was nothing today - 1 document search and I was done typing up the criminal searches by noon. Yay for having half a day - boo for not getting paid for it. It'll get better soon.... it HAS to get better soon.

The one good thing about a birthday, although it sounds horrible, is that your relatives from out-of-state more often than not send you money. So for once, instead of putting everything into the bank to pay my bills, I was able to put SOME aside and treat myself. And no, I couldn't bring myself to getting the portable XM radio I wanted, but I did buy Red Ninja for PS2 and put a deposit down for the next Wario Ware game for GBA that comes out 5/23. And thanks to the Xmas present I FINALLY got from Justin, I was able to grab a few movies at BestBuy on my way home.

BUT FIRST! Thank you cards must be written, Volume 2 of Full Metal Alchemist must be watched, Burnt Offerings must be finished, InuYasha vol 21 must be read, clean clothes must be put away, and homework must be looked at/completed. In that order.
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Weekend update, a day late...

Well, other than the fact that I haven't been home in the last four days to receive and deposit my expense check, hence finding out I'm $30 in the red because I'm still getting charged for a gym membership I havent taken advantage of since I moved in October, this weekend wasn't all that bad...

Kat's birthday party was Saturday, and although we were exhausted by the end of it, I think she had a good time.

I didn't have class on Sunday, so I went to Brad to D&D - YAY! I can't wait til my Sunday class is over and done with so I can start playing...

Yesterday initially sucked because I think thinkgs are getting to me more than I want to admit, but that was quickly resolved when I received a call from my boyfriend, informing me that he had called into work and was going to be home all day. So yeah, class was yet again not attended last night. We did, however, go out for dinner at the Bonefish Grille with the kids, his parents, and his sister's family, but the food was not worth what was paid for and I would not suggest going there to ANYone.

When I get home tonight, I SWEAR I'm going to do my homework... I promise. Or at least try to... so long as I don't get distracted. GODS, I have so mucht o dooooo....

But on the up, things seems to be ironing out in regards to Thursday, so we'll see what good times are to be had...
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I can't stand ignorant people...

So, a girl on md_pagans received these emails... it annoys me:

Local church threatening Witches Meetup attendees!
Feel free to link to this post! E mail not edited to retain the Stupidity!

Alicia Harris <> ****************Edited to remove sensitive information*****************

What Alicia Harris wrote:
-------------------------------------- ---------------------------
HI my name is Alicia Harris (youth leader) NCFC

we will be protesting your may meeting,I have spoken with several other youth group leaders from other area churches,they
have all agreed that what you are doing is not what we want or need in our community,they have agreed to protest with us.for a
member of your group to try to solicit membership to a young teenage girl and to attempt to sway her from her religion is
wrong,if you or your members must resort to recruiting teenagers then there is something wrong with you.this type of
satanic,immoral action will not be accepted.children are not a resource your group should be trying to exploit.we will not
accept people like you or your group trying to change our children.this maybe ok in newark delaware but it is not ok in
cecil county sweetie...

Here's the second one <> ****************Edited to remove sensitive information*****************

What Pastor James Foster wrote:
-------------------------------------- ---------------------------
I am Pastor James Foster New covenant fellowship church Childs,MD we were very suprised to see that so many satanist/witches
groups were meeting in the elkton,northeast,charlestown,haver de grace areas. we would be happy to attend your may meeting,
as it will give us a chance to voice our churches postion on these types of groups being in our community. we were suprised
to see that such a business like East coast diving would condone such practices as satanism/witchcraft. as we have seen
in the past you may not allow us to speak with your group,this is common amoung satanist. our elders are prepared to
peacefully pickett/protest publicly your satanist activities in our community, as well as boycot east coast diving, along with
peaceful demonstrations during business hours to allow all potential customers to see that the business approves of these
satanic events... their will be approx. 23 members of NCFC protesting your actions.. this type of immoral activity is not
what our community needs,we plan to rally with the other local churches to stop this type of activity from effecting our
children and teenagers. we will be protesting all satanist/witches groups in the cecil county area each time a
meeting is held,we will be diligent in our pursuit to keep our community free from the immoral,satanic influence of your
group... thank you very much for your time...... Pastor James Foster NCFC

Yeah We're all devil worshippers going to hell, but he thanked me for my TIME!?!?!?
I had been asked about who the children are she refers to, but No one has seen any children nor are there any on the small meetup board. There aren't any minors at the venue unless their parents have brought them. Are they really afraid of the 9 people on this list?
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So I went home a lil early from work yesterday and slept until 10:30pm... yeah, I think I needed it too. Of course, that meant that I didn't fall BACK asleep until after 3am... yay for naps.

A few adjustments are being made in my life, but I think I'm going to get by. Sometimes you need to do things that seem selfish for the better good.

Kat's birthday party is tomorrow and I don't have class on Sunday, so it's going to be a great weekend of time with Brad, the kids, and the D&D guys...

But before any fun can ensue, I HAVE to finish my Family Law online project.... fuck...
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